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SCR Group will reconnect you to your customers through face-to-face interaction. Our personalized field services increase customer retention for our clients and protect portfolios from re-marketing costs and losses. Call on SCR Group to be your outreach partner nationwide!

Reduce Delinquency

When your bottom line is threatened, reconnect with your customers to revive payments.

Save Loans

Reduce defaults with accurate customer information, collateral locations, and quality photographs.

Increase Profits

Meet collections goals by satisfying loan terms with no re-marketing/loss mitigation costs.

Our Services

Vehicle Location

Vehicle Location

Know exactly where your collateral is with geocoded location data when possible. High-quality photos help you make decisions to secure collateral safely and quickly.

Site Inspections

Site Inspections

Our agent creates a sitemap of the lot, structure, or property under inspection.  You receive detailed reporting, quality photos of the property, and collateral inventory when necessary.

Field Calls & Door Knocks

Field Calls & Door Knocks

Our agents courier a letter directly to your customer’s door and reconnect customers to your collection team on the spot. Completion of services with photos of your collateral are back to you within 72 business hours.

Condition Reports

Condition Reports

Detailed reports and quality photos reveal the current condition of your collateral to prevent surprises down the line.

About Us

Who we are

SCR Group provides nationwide field services for the automobile, motorsport, mortgage, personal credit, and credit card lending industries.

Founded in 2003, our focus has remained on servicing client portfolios with standard or custom outreach programs to engage with your customers. Our network of highly-trained agents throughout the United States provide timely and quality services while adhering to regulatory guidelines.

You can trust SCR Group to customize packages to fit your needs without compromising on compliance. We are quick to adapt to changing business needs and industry regulations, adjusting our processes to provide the highest quality field services throughout the United States.

Clients recommend SCR Group to their peers as their top choice among field service vendors thanks to our professional service and attention to detail.

  • Cloud-based orders for seamless connectivity and zero downtime
  • We follow your instructions on each work order
  • Operations and quality control are tightly integrated with compliance processes
  • Maximum protection of data and consistent back-ups
  • An unprecedented commitment to transparency
  • FDCPA-compliant agent interactions
  • Transparent approach
    • Access to vendor monitoring reports
    • Verification of licenses, insurance, and bonding
    • Consumer complaint
Top Tier Field Agents
  • Professional Network
  • Recurring background screenings
  • FDCPA guidelines
  • Maintain mandated insurance


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Eligibility Requirements

  • Valid Drivers License
  • Current Automobile Insurance
  • All applicants will be subject to initial background check